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I am a 28 year old male, currently in a long-term relationship and working full time as a network adminstrator for a local manufacturer. I work over-time most days but not a lot, although sometimes i will work Saturday mornings as needed. I am a quiet and personable guy who has put his loud partying days and nights behind him. I enjoy a good drink every now and again (usually an Amaretto Sour) but not excessively. Overall i can be really easy to live with as long as my privacy is respected as i will respect yours.

Single father to one son who spends time with me and his mother alternating. He won't be around much in this time period except for perhaps a week around the holidays. I am really open to compromising almost anything but expect anyone that wants to move to be financially able to cover their part as well as contribute to the overall care of the home. I clean up after me, you clean up after you and other things we work together on... pretty easy!

If you would like to make inquiries please contact me via e-mail and then we can arrange a phone interview.