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New to the area? Looking for someplace temporary? We might be able to help each other! I am currently looking for a temporary roommate and/or renter that would be interested in sharing my 3 bedroom home. The house is located in unicorporated Glenview, in the Township of Maine near the Golf Mill Mall.
All the amenities that you might be interested in are located closeby including buslines, train station, shopping malls, restaurants, public library, recreational opportunities and access to I-294.

The home itself is a 3 bedroom contemporary in a peaceful suburban setting. It features a covered garage, nice shaded front and back yards with a small garden and wooden playset in the back. Inside their is a large living room, rustic family room, large kitchen with adjoining dining room. Check out the photograph links on the side bar to see some of the interior, while keeping in mind that many of the furnishings 'might' not all be there upon arrival. My partner is moving to Olympia, Washington and will be taking some of our mutual belongings with her in order to establish us there.

The room itself will be available to move into shortly after the begining to mid October. The rental would last at a minimum until February but could last as long as August of 2002 if agreement with Landlord is made who is a close family friend.