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Element of Compassion & Animal Kind

An animal lover and advocate at heart, i think we have a moral responsiblity to help those that cannot speak for themselves. I have been a member and supporter of various animal rights groups since i was a teenager, although i do not support any anarchial or illegal activities of any known libertation groups. My personal beliefs is that this only causes negative press towards groups that need to educate society as a whole. Society tends to cast an uncaring ear to groups it considers on the fringe.

I think we need to start with our children. I have a vegetarian household. I require that my child's care provider does not feed him anything containing animal products that resulted in the death of that creature. I prefer to purchase wholely organic and humane products that do not cause other creatures great diress or infiltrates their bodies with hormones or contaminants. I do feel that all things do have a purpose in life, but that the meat industry does not honor the animals is murders for money. I therefor only buy free range and organic dairy products.

Just as my body will one day feed and nuture the earth with it's proteins and sustience, i take from the earth what i need to sustance myself. I think that we need to educate ourselves and stop the further growth of bio-engineered products for food. We can not know what the long term consequences of such actions will be.

Element of Expression & Knowledge

I am known among my friends and family for having an insatiable curiousity and need for quenching a thirst for knowledge in my life. I have traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East in order to visit numerous sites of ancient cultures. I love to feel the energy in places of great history, to stand and feel the spirits of those that were born, loved, cried, fought, worshipped and died where i am standing. To ground myself amongst the ruins of the great Temple of Knossos, amongst the Forum of Rome, or along the water within the port of Rhodes where the great statue of Helios once reigns fills me with such emotions!! I love history and relentlessly fill my library with books telling the stories of our ancestory.

As well as loving the history of this world i also have this wonderful talent for retaining the oddest pieces of useless knowledge! I have been compared to Cliff Clavin so many times i have lost count. Needless to say i am not a prime candidate to play with Trivia around my house. I can attribute this to nothing more than a wonderful sense of recall. Nothing more. If i read something interesting i usually can pull it back out of that fleshy mass of a brain when least expected

Element of Emotion & Passions

Emotions..the bane and blessings of my life. The fire rages inside of me in so many ways. There is not much in my life that doesn't touch me in some way. If i believe in something, it is very obvious for i fill passion throughout my life's work. It is very rare for me to just throw a half effort towards anything, unless it completely disinterests me. I am true in my love, true in my spirit and true in my emotions. This tends to get me in trouble because the Sagittarian nature takes over and i am not afraid to speak my mind, frankly and honestly.

I have always been very true in my emotions and do not hesitate to be able to show those around me what is inside. When i feel happiness, my body shows my joy; when i feel saddness, my soul pours forth its grief. I live so to be true to myself, and to be true to others. Sometimes i am never able to express in words what my emotions will easily reveal. With openess of heart, anyone can easily find that aspect about me to be very evident.

Element of Intuition & Growth

Throughout my life, i have always had a heightened sense of being able to tune into people emotions. As a child, i found it very easy to go 'into' a friend or loved one and truly be able to feel as they did, not sympathy but truly feel and understand. As i grew older, this ability allowed me be able to glimpse into other living creatures and tune into them on a higher level. I don't pretend to think that i can always get into someone's head, anyone that wishes to be hidden may do so. Through this ability and being able to tune into someone easily, i found that certain forms of divination came naturally for me, specifically through Tarot.

I believe that it was also this sense of deep empathy with living creatues that allows me to have the connection with Nature as i do. There is nothing greater to me than being able to walk through the forest and feel the life around me well up inside and fill me with it's strength and love. It is also why i choose to surround myself with animal companions in my home rather than consume them for my sustinence.

Element of Self

I am a male neo-pagan in my late-twenties, scholarly type that constantly finds myself plummeting into these large knowledge bearing projects that i wish i could some how organize into a recognizable mess. Above all i am a loving single dad of one, surrogate dad to another, caring partner and 'pet' to numerous little beasties and friends that reside with my menagerie styled home.

I follow a very eclectic path, pulling some practices from the various Pagan/Wiccan traditions, (mainly Pictish, Seax-Wita and anything having strong Celtic and Scottish roots,) throw in some Native American animism of my ancestoral roots and maybe a tad of Hellenic from traveling and there you have it. Don't worry, you might be just as confused as me about how it all fits in. Just stick to eclectic and we will do fine. I value tolerance and open-minded folk but not the type with no backbone either. I never back down from a fundie, (it is a bad habit of mine) but i don't rant useless prattal either. I think it is our responsiblity to educate ourselves on religious and political history in order to provide a strong platform for the next generation. I don't mind being called opinionated, in fact i pride myself on that fact.

Physically, i am tall, medium build, with medium length (getting longer) hair and a trimmed beard (it makes me look like Qui-Jon from Star Wars i guess... a friend's son told me so. That ain't so bad i guess.) I don't go cruising around wearing ceremonial robes (in fact i don't have any!) but prefer the jeans and a t-shirt approach anyhow. Throw in a smidge of 'down-to-earth', a pinch of 'true emotions', 1/2 a cup of 'curiousity' and 'persistance' on top of a wicked smile and there i am.

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